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Peapods are sensory tools that kids can sit in whenever they are in need of a firm squeeze or to calm down and self regulate. They can choose to sit in it and relax in order to prevent a meltdown, for firm pressure all over their body while they participate in an activity like playing video games or watching TV! Some children like to gently rock from side-to-side for a cocooning-calm. Most children can get in the pod themselves in order to apply deep, even pressure to their bodies and sensory systems. Made with super-strong vinyl and with tough-welded seams for added strength. The velvety vinyl surface is also washable. Use an electric inflator with a nozzle to inflate the chambers of the pod.

Medium Peapod: 153 cm (suitable for most children from grade 1 up 5- 9 years)
XL/Large Peapod: approximately 203 cm (ideal for children aged 10 years up to adult)

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